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Bouillotte 10ml

We are a french manufacturer of custom-made plastic bottles and jars. We make our own molds and have more than 1000 references in our catalog. If you are looking for a specific design for your products, please contact us, we will design and make the packaging that suits your need.

This website is dedicated to packaging companies, laboratories or companies needing large quantities of bottles (more than 5000 units).

Find the bottle that best suits your needs within one of the following categories: Standard and Comestics Bottles, Plastic Jars or Tall Circular Bottles. All categories are listed at the top left of this homepage. You will find new products on the right of this homepage and featured products at the bottom of this homepage.

Use the search bar, in the horizontal menu above, to find products with specific characteristics: matter (PEBD, PEHD, PETG, PP ...), rings (24/410, 48/400, P31.5, P43, P60, GCMI, 22E, ...), volume (50mL, 100mL, ... up to 2500mL).

Prepare your search with the following questions in mind:
Which volume in ml? Which matter? Which month or annual quantity? Gather any information that could allow us to know your product and your need better, so that we can become and remain the expert in packaging at your service.